Mastering the Art of Negotiation
Leadership Dialogue

You are negotiating every day, whether it’s with business partners, colleagues, in the community or at home. The challenge is not to get as much for yourself as you can at the other’s expense, but in the art of searching together for possibilities that serve as many interests as possible. That is the key message of Geurt Jan de Heus, author of ‘Mastering the Art of Negotiation’ (2017). In this Leadership Dialogue Geurt Jan will demonstrate that it is both possible and necessary to create value together, distribute the consequences fairly, while strengthening the relationship. In times where ‘win as much as you can’ is on the rise worldwide, this is a refreshing alternative. Geurt Jan de Heus is a consultant and co-owner of RoutsLaeven and an expert negotiator. After his introduction, we will engage into Roundtable Dialogues.

Shaking Up the Hierarchy
Leadership Dialogue

The energy transition towards renewable resources requires agile, customer-focused energy suppliers. Command-and-control hierarchies are being replaced by flexible organizations where leadership and decision-making power are distributed throughout the organization. CEO Jeroen de Haas is guiding this process at Eneco. In this Leadership Dialogue, he will share the on-going process of this slow and tedious transition,in which many people try to push him back into the old and familiar. After his introduction, we will engage into Roundtable Dialogues.

The Costs of Making Money
Leadership Dialogue

Some companies continue to engage in practices that may undermine their prosperity in the future, e.g. by paying large dividends or buying back shares. On the other hand, if companies do not create substantial shareholder value they will be in the line of fire of activist shareholders. How should companies deal with this ongoing paradox between short-term pressures and a long-term vision? Two experts in the field will debate this topic: Ron Soonieus, Partner at Camunico and Executive Fellow at Insead, and Leo van de Voort, Partner at De Stroomversnelling and a former CEO and CFO. Ron Soonieus has conducted research at Insead on the role of the board in long-term value creation, including a series of interviews with high-profile international CEOs. Leo van de Voort has written a book that deals partly with this topic (Nooit meer Strategiepijn), was elected ‘the apostle of value creation’ and is currently finalizing his PhD on courage as a moral virtue of leaders. Ron and Leo will be interviewed by Twan van de Kerkhof. After their introduction we will engage into Roundtable Dialogues to dive deeper into the topic.

Inner Leadership
Peer Roundtable


Authentic Leadership in Motion
Leadership Dialogue

It matters who you are when you are a leader. But your Self is not static; it is developing and relating to your context. ‘This is the way I am’, diminishes the impact of the leader. This paradox between authenticity and adjustment is one of the ten paradoxes that Ronald Meijers and Ron Meyer examine in their brand new book ‘Leadership Agility. Developing Your Repertoire of Leadership Styles’. In this Leadership Dialogue, Ronald Meijers (Partner, Deloitte) will be interviewed by Twan van de Kerkhof about the paradoxes in leadership. After their introduction, you will engage into Roundtable Dialogues to discuss your personal leadership styles.

Higher and Higher
Leadership Dialogue

Happy workers achieve better results. That firm conviction is behind the transformation process that Mars, a family-owned global manufacturer of confectionary and pet services, has started to increase employee engagement to extreme high levels, starting with maintenance staff in Veghel, The Netherlands. We will look into the business case that Mars developed in collaboration with 0 Entropy, a Dutch consulting firm. Marijn van Weert, Director Maintenance at the Dutch Mars plant, will present this case, together with Robert Jan van Leeuwen of 0 Entropy. After their presentation we will engage into Roundtable Dialogues.

Annual Leadership Conference: Leadership for the Future
ELP Conference

This will be a special ELP Conference because you can only come if you bring an individual from a different generation. To discuss the future, we need the future in the room. Go to for more information.

If you are a Babyboomer (1943-60) or a Gen X (1961-77), you must be accompanied by an individual from Gen Y (1978-94) or Gen Z (1995-2014) or vice versa. You can bring your own child, a cousin, a friend or a neighbor. We suggest a minimum of 12 years old, a good passive knowledge of English and the ability to engage into a dialogue. Some dialogues at the tables will be in English, some in Dutch, depending on your preferences and abilities. We will have three speakers to make you think: The first speaker will be Seren Dalkiran. She will talk about Millennials as our future leaders. She conducted cutting-edge Ph.D. research to explore whether young people are the carriers of a new leadership paradigm that is more responsive to tackling pressing societal challenges. She also founded Synergized Earth Network and Millennial Motion. The second speaker will be Marc Dullaert. He is the founder of Kids Rights and the former Kinderombudsman in the Netherlands. The third speaker is John Reynders, Director Digital Transformation at Microsoft Western Europe.
As always, the Conference will be a mix of plenary keynotes and Roundtable Dialogues.

Everybody Leads
Leadership Dialogue

A new kind of leadership is emerging and the signals are everywhere: look at the popularity of Ricardo Semler’s way of thinking or Frederic Laloux’ book, think holacracy, agile/scrum or Buurtzorg. We seem to be moving from top-down to shared leadership and from command and control to self-management. At this ELP Leadership Dialogue, Azwin Ressang will explore the signals he sees emerging in day-to-day business and will dive into the practicalities of managing in the new leadership paradigm. Azwin Ressang is Lead Trainer of the Semco Style Institute and Partner at Red Zebra Group. After his introduction we will engage into Roundtable Dialogues.

Inner Leadership
Peer Roundtable

Building a High Performance Organization
Leadership Dialogue

Building a high performance organization is a scientific method, brought into perfection by years of research by André de Waal and his team. André is the academic director of the HPO Center (Netherlands), director of StatMind Management Research & Development (Tanzania) and professor at the University Institute for International and European Studies (Georgia/Netherlands). A high performance organization has five universal factors: quality of management; openness and action orientation; long-term orientation; continuous improvement and renewal; and quality of employees. Companies like HP and Ziggo have used his framework to improve their performance. In this Leadership Dialogue André will explain the methodology, show the results of longitudinal research into companies’ performance, and pinpoint the greatest leadership challenges of this moment. After his introduction we will engage into Roundtable Dialogues.

Inner Leadership
Peer Roundtable

ELP Community Summer Drinks
General meeting

ELP invites you to celebrate the beginning of Summer with drinks and bites. A networking event you cannot miss!

Play Ball
Leadership Dialogue

The female Dutch handball team made the semifinals at the Olympic Games
2016 in Rio de Janeiro and is considered world-class since. Six years earlier Dutch handball was nowhere. Tjark de Lange, Chairman of the Dutch Handball Association, will explain what happened backstage to enable the athletes to shine in the international arena. After his introduction we will engage into Roundtable Dialogues.

Simply the Best
Leadership Dialogue

Corporates can learn a lot from sports and vice versa. Eelco Derks will share lessons learned from his experiences as a professional basketball player, manager at Omniworld, and Managing Director of Thialf, the ice arena in Heerenveen. He will talk about team performance, managing stakeholders with conflicting interests and maximizing interaction and mutual engagement between top sports, amateur sports and audience. His focus is geared towards reflecting on how to create a total and all-inclusive experience for all? After his introduction we will engage into Roundtable Dialogues to share meaning and find wisdom.

You’ve Lost That Orange Feeling
Leadership Breakfast

After the bids for Unilever and Akzo Nobel, from Kraft Heinz and PPG respectively, some prominent Dutch non-executives started a lobby to defend Dutch companies from hostile takeovers or at least give them a time-out. Peter Wakkie, Chairman at TomTom et al., is one of them. Henk Breukink, Supervisory Board Member at ING, thinks that market forces should reign unimpeded. In this Leadership Dialogue about a very timely topic Peter Wakkie and Henk Breukink will discuss this theme and interact with the participants. The program is:
07:45 Registration; coffee, tea, sandwiches
08:15 Plenary Dialogue with Peter Wakkie and Henk Breukink, led by Twan van de Kerkhof
09:30 End. Informal afterthoughts. More coffee.
This meeting will NOT have Roundtable Dialogues but only a plenary discussion.

Leadership & Martial Arts
Leadership Dialogue

Practice the Art of Taekwondo in this Leadership Dialogue. You will learn how to stand firm, set a clear goal, channel your energy, connect with your obstacles, feel your adversary, and reach out. Doing these practices will help you to unpeel your onion and to learn more about your inner leadership and followership. Taekwondo will show you directly how you do things, not how you think you do. Jeroen Biegstraaten, a chief-instructor in Taekwondo and founder of The Red Academy (, will guide us in a variety of basic moves. Experience is not necessary at all to participate. After the teaching, we will engage into Roundtable Dialogues to share what we experienced.

ELP Leadership Journey
Leadership Journey

The Neuroscience of Collaboration
Leadership Dialogue

Inner Leadership
Peer Roundtable

Lessons Learned
General meeting

Timo Huges was forced to resign as the CEO of NS Group after reports of irregularities. He was highly appreciated within and outside of the company as a result of his efforts to revatilize its operations and culture, but had to operate in a complex environment with the Dutch state as an active shareholder. In this Leadership Dialogue, Timo Huges will look back at his tenure at NS and the leadership consequences of the decisions that were taken. After his introduction, we will engage into Roundtable Dialogues.

Potential dialogue topics
How do you stay true to yourself as a leader?
How do you deal with power and politics?
What can you learn from what happened at NS?

Making Sense of This Crazy World
Leadership Breakfast

Elections throughout Europe are changing the political landscape in 2017. Populist parties are influential in the Netherlands, Germany and France. Add Donald Trump in the White House and the world might be a different place in the near future. In this Leadership Dialogue Wouter Bos will make sense of the crazy world we are living in. Wouter Bos is Chairman of the Executive Board of VUmc and a former leader of the Dutch Labour Party. After his introduction we will engage into Roundtable Dialogues. The program is:

07:30 Registration
07:45 Introduction by Wouter Bos
08:05 Moderated Roundtable Dialogues. Breakfast will be served.
08:50 Plenary closing
09:15 End

Inside the Leader’s Mind
General meeting

Twelve ELP Members have contributed an essay to the book ‘Inside the Leader’s Mind’. The essays peek into the inner theatre of leaders, their shadow sides, their drives and motivations and other things that go on inside their heads. Authors include George Begemann, Henk Breukink, Ber Damen, Hetty van Ee, Michael van Impe, Paul Kop, Rianne Kuik, Rens van Loon, Ronald Meijers, Sander Nieuwenhuizen, Olivier Sprangers. Paul Kop, Rianne Kuik, Michael van Impe and Leo van de Voort will present their thoughts and experiences and you will also be invited to engage into small-group dialogues about your own leadership.

15:30 Reception and registration
16:00 Formal Presentations and Dialogues
18:00 Celebration with drinks and bites
19:00 End

Leadership Through Dialogue

Move On Up
Leadership Dialogue

Gender diversity in top management will remain difficult if we keep treating it as an issue for women. Inclusive leadership requires the commitment of all senior men and women, executive and non-executive. In this Leadership Dialogue, a panel will take this issue to the next level by addressing questions like: What is the role of the executive and supervisory boards? How do we retain talented women? Do we need quota? Do women networks or role modelling help the cause? The panel consists of Bercan Günel (headhunter and supervisory board member, Lia Belilos(CHRO Arcadis) and Katinka Huijberts (former CEO Westland Utrecht). After their introduction we will engage into Roundtable Dialogues to explore your personal experiences with this topic.

Potential dialogue topics
Why should I care?
What are the best ways to get women in top mangement positions?
What are the main obstacles?
Did we make any progress on this topic in the last decade?

Inner Leadership
Peer Roundtable

Thriving in a VUCA World
Leadership Dialogue

Many things that we have taken for granted for decades are crumbling today. Of all current jobs, more than 45% will cease to exist; far fewer new jobs are emerging and the middle class feels being sandwiched. How can we meet the profound desire of all human beings to create value while simultaneously sending a message to large groups of people that we don’t want them? Philip Wagner will address wicked problems like these in the third Leadership Dialogue in Groningen. The topic is timely in the week before the Dutch elections. Philip is heading the Wagner Group, an international consultancy, incubator and private university. He is also a Professor at ICUC (Curacao) and a non-executive. After his introduction we will engage into Roundtable Dialogues to share meaning and find wisdom.

Public vs. Private: Similarities and Differences in Leadership
Leadership Dialogue

Private-sector leaders are said to be effective and results-oriented, public-sector leaders work for a higher purpose. But the latter are sometimes said to be slower and less competitive, while the former suffer from short-termism and narrow views. In this Leadership Dialogue we will look beyond stereotypes like these to determine similarities and differences in leadership in the public and the private sector. A panel of Henk Breukink (Supervisory Board Member at ING, Hogeschool InHolland, et al.) and Maarten Camps (Secretary-General Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs) will be interviewed by Twan van de Kerkhof (ELP). After this plenary introduction, participants will engage into Roundtable Dialogues to explore their personal experiences and insights.

Inner Leadership
Peer Roundtable

The Power of Dialogue
Leadership Dialogue

Dialogues can solve problems for which there are few precedents and even fewer known solutions and they help to create cultures that encourage teamwork and innovation. Dialogical Leadership is at the heart of successful transformation and change programs in organizations, says Rens van Loon, today’s speaker. Rens is Director at Deloitte Consulting and Professor Dialogical Leadership at Tilburg University. His book ‘Dialogical Leadership. Creating Transformational Space through Dialogue’ will be published in the Autumn of 2017. After Rens’ introduction we will engage into Roundtable Dialogues.

Potential dialogue topics
What do you experience in a dialogue?
How is a dialogue different from a discussion or a debate?
How can dialogues help you in your change processes?

Ambassador Dinner
General meeting

The ELP Ambassador Dinner is a special, invitation-only event for our members who have helped the organization in the past year. Invitees include our Board of Advisors, speakers, members who have brought in new members and our moderators. For more information please contact ELP.


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