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Leadership Dialogue

In the Line of Fire

Speaker: Bert Albers
Date / Time: 11 December 2019 17:00 till 21:00
Venue: ELP's Home: De Nieuwe Poort

The core product of accountants is trust but globally public distrust of the profession has risen to disturbing levels over the last years. Politicians and supervisors are aiming their guns at the business model of audit firms, the ownership structures, the quality of audit controls and more. The sector has admitted shortcomings and has promised improvements. Marco van der Vegte, Chairman of the Dutch Accountants Association NBA, will explain in an interview with Twan van de Kerkhof what went wrong in the past, how their communication was lacking including managing expectations and what audit firms are doing to change their cultures, improve their quality and increase their relevance. After his introduction participants will engage into moderated Roundtable Dialogues.

  • Bert Albers

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