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Leadership Meetup

Thieves Like Us

Date / Time: 01 November 2019 08:15 till 09:30
Venue: ELP's Home: De Nieuwe Poort

Countless treasures of art from Asia, Africa and Latin America are on exhibition in museums in Europe and the US, collected during colonial times. An unknown number of these have been looted. A heated discussion is being conducted globally if, when and how such works of looted art should be returned to their original owners. Stijn Schoonderwoerd, director of the Dutch National Museum of World Cultures, has been amongst the first museum directors who expressed his willingness to return objects from 'his' collection. But the job isn't easy. In this Leadership Meetup, Stijn will reflect on the dilemmas involved in doing the right thing. He will give a 15 minute presentation, followed by small-group dialogues and a Q&A.


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