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Leadership Dialogue

Management Without Managers

Type: Leadership Dialogue
Speaker: Ruth Maas, Arjan Eriks
Date / Time: 29 October 2020 17:00 till 21:00
Venue: ELP's Home: De Nieuwe Poort Amsterdam

Self-organizing teams can make organizations faster, cheaper, more nimble and more customer-focused. But they can also lead to chaos, a lack of clarity and the loss of common goals. In this ELP Leadership Dialogue we will look at two organizations that work with self-management: care provider Zorgcentra De Betuwe and IT-services provider Schuberg Philis. Their respective CEOs, Ruth Maas and Arjan Eriks, will share why they started with self-management and how they are doing now. What has gone well? What keeps them awake? After their introduction participants will engage into moderated Roundtable Dialogues about their own experiences with (self-)organizing teams.

  • Ruth Maas
  • Arjan Eriks

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