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Leadership Dialogue

Learning from Corona

Type: Leadership Dialogue
Speaker: Feike Sijbesma
Date / Time: 09 December 2020 17:00 till 21:00
Venue: De Kazerne Eindhoven

The corona crisis has enormous consequences for public health and the economy. What can we learn from our responses to this crisis and what should we do different next time, also in fighting the climate crisis? In this ELP Leadership Dialogue we will look back and learn with Feike Sijbesma, Special Envoy for the Dutch government, Global Climate Leader for the World Bank Group and former CEO of DSM. Twan van de Kerkhof will interview Feike Sijbesma in a plenary introduction, followed by moderated Roundtable dialogues in which participants share their personal insights and experiences.

  • Feike Sijbesma

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