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Leadership Meetup

Connecting Value to Talent

Type: Leadership Meetup
Speaker: Hein Knaapen
Date / Time: 01 March 2021 16:15 till 17:30
Venue: Online

Talent has become the domain of the CHRO, while the CEO and CFO work on the creation of value. Rare are the organizations that understand that their best people create the highest value and that therefore determine what are the most critical roles in which value is created, if the best people are in these roles, how their talents are maximized and their risks are managed. CEO.works, a boutique consultancy, has developed a methodology to connect value to talent. Hein Knaapen, Managing Partner Europe of CEO.works and a former CHRO of ING and KPN, will explain this methodology in an interview with Twan van de Kerkhof, also exploring the relations between CEO, CFO and CHRO. After this opening there will be a plenary Q&A/dialogue.

  • Hein Knaapen

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