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ELP Conference

Restoring Trust

Type: ELP Conference
Speaker(s): Ben Verwaayen, Hajar Yagkoubi, Oscar David, Olivier Onghena-'t Hooft
Date / Time: 06 October 2022 15:00 till 21:15
Venue: ALLSAFE Auditorium Weesp
Price: €750

Citizens’ trust in governments, institutions and corporates has been eroded over the past few years, exacerbated by economic inequality and the Covid-crisis. Political leadership has become more fragmented in many countries as a result of populism and autocratic leaders, elected or not. Corporates have faced unexpected charges and lawsuits and activists are celebrating surprising successes. Business leaders are challenged on the contribution of their organizations and their impact on society. Most companies primarily focus on competitors and shareholders, but the societal dimensions of doing business are gaining importance.

The ELP Annual Leadership Conference 2022 will focus on the question what leaders should do to restore trust in the organizations they are responsible for. As always the ELP Conference will be a mix of keynotes, interviews on stage, small-group dialogues and networking with peers from a wide variety of organizations.

  • Ben Verwaayen
  • Hajar Yagkoubi
  • Oscar David
  • Olivier Onghena-'t Hooft

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