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ELP Conference

ELP Annual Leadership Conference "Staying Human in a Digital World"

Type: ELP Conference
Speaker: Nick Bostrom
Date / Time: 03 October 2019 15:00 till 21:30
Venue: Nationale Park de Hoge Veluwe
Price: €750

In this year's edition of the ELP Annual Leadership Conference we will look at the future of humanity: What does it mean to be human in this digitizing, globalizing world? Nick Bostrom will be the main keynote speaker. Nick is a Professor at Oxford University, where he leads the Future of Humanity Institute. He is perceived as an authority on the effects of technology on humanity.

14:15 Reception and registration
15:00 Opening by Twan van de Kerkhof
15:20 Keynote Nick Bostrom, followed by small-group dialogues
16:10 Keynote Jakob Leidekker, Head of Business, De Hoge Veluwe, followed by small-group dialogues
17:05 Executive panel with Nick Bostrom and two CEOs
17:55 Break
18:50 Moderated Roundtable Dialogues with dinner
20:15 Plenary closing
20:40 Informal coffee and dessert
21:30 End

Organizations are systems of human beings working together to achieve common goals. Increasingly, humans are collaborating with intelligent machines. Nevertheless, leadership – for the time being – fundamentally is about relationships, about connecting as human beings. Technology creates new opportunities for organizations, but success depends on how people take advantage of these opportunities as individuals and in teams. How can individuals give their best and be their best in today’s and tomorrow’s organizations? How can we keep a human dimension in large, international organizations? How should leaders deal with the uncertainty and volatility that they are experiencing?

  • Nick Bostrom

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