The Leader’s Retreat: 25 hours of Deep Dive & Relaxation


Join us for a 25 hour meeting of minds with a small group of senior leaders. We will use the personal and professional dilemmas of participants as a starting point to engage into a dialogue among equals in a setting that encourages openness and vulnerability. The program will be a mix of relaxation and high-level content, including group dialogues, walks in nature, individual contemplation, wellness, good food and wine. We will start on Thursday at 12:30 and end at Friday at 14:00. Twan van de Kerkhof will be the facilitator. The location is the beautiful Chateau St. Gerlach in the hills of Southern Limburg.

Event Details

Date: June 06, 2019

Start time: 12:30

End time: 14:00

Venue: Chateau St. Gerlach


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