Workshop Leading From Source. With Joseph Jaworski


Joseph Jaworski is the author of bestsellers such as Synchronicity, Source and Presence (with Otto Scharmer, Peter Senge and Betty Sue Flowers). He has been a major source of influence for ELP with his thinking about leadership. In this workshop Twan van de Kerkhof, ELP’s founder, will interview Joseph about nature as an access point into Source, dialogue as a tool for leadership, leading in sychnronicity with the universe, being present in a corporate context, and many more. Part of the workshop will be structured based on questions from participants. The workshop will be a mix of plenary discussions, small-group dialogues, personal reflection and informal networking.

Event Details

Date: November 08, 2018

Start time: 16:00

End time: 21:00

Venue: ELP's Home De Nieuwe Poort



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