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ELP delivers:

  • High quality content in a high-quality network
  • Outside-in perspectives
  • A safe space to share

ELP provides:

A platform for peer-to-peer learning:

  • Chatham House Rule
  • Professional moderators
  • Participants who share and listen
  • Small-scale meetings


Meaningful Dialogues

ELP is based on the belief that people learn best through dialogue, and that dialogue is most valuable when it is conducted among equals in a setting that encourages openness and vulnerability. Dialogue is more effective than discussion or debate in addressing issues of increasing complexity and speed. In today’s world that is polarized and short of attention, reflection and dialogue are more necessary than ever.

Meet the people behind ELP

ELP is an independent platform, managed by a small team of professionals that are passionate about the Power of Dialogue in leadership. The ELP Advisory Board consists of five high-calibre individuals who represent our membership base. Furthermore, ELP works with a team of professional moderators that facilitate the Leadership Dialogues. Our moderators know the dilemmas of ELP Members from their own experience and have been trained in the ELP Methodology of moderating Leadership Dialogues.

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