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Leadership Meetup

Better Pay Attention

Type: Leadership Meetup
Speaker(s): Frederic Barge
Date / Time: 01 July 2021 16:15 till 17:30
Venue: Online

Corporations can be a force for good. Yet the laudable intentions claimed in corporate purpose statements are often at odds with CEO incentives: their remuneration is still based on shareholder outcomes. Achieving outcomes that benefit both shareholders and society requires changes in executive remuneration policies to include long-term sustainable and inclusive value creation. In this ELP Leadership Meetup Frederic Barge will share why and how remuneration policies should be changed. Frederic is the founder of Reward Value, a not-for-profit research initiative, and used to be responsible for rewards at AholdDelhaize and ING.

  • Frederic Barge

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