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Leadership Dialogue

The Price We Pay For Political Correctness

Type: Leadership Dialogue
Speaker(s): Sebastien Valkenberg
Date / Time: 08 September 2022 17:00 : 21:00
Venue: Café-Restaurant Dauphine (Auditorium)

Political correctness subverts intellectual freedom and thus endangers scientific progress, resulting in a lower level of intelligence overall. That is the thesis of Sebastien Valkenberg, a Dutch philosopher. In this ELP Leadership Dialogue, Valkenberg will be interviewed by ELP’s Twan van de Kerkhof about the driving forces of political correctness, the dangers of its emergence and how decision-makers should deal with it. After this plenary introduction participants will share their personal insights and experiences at moderated Roundtables. --

  • Sebastien Valkenberg

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