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Leadership Dialogue

Tata Bye Bye

Type: Leadership Dialogue
Speaker(s): Peter Blauwhoff
Date / Time: 13 April 2022 17:00 till 21:00
Venue: Café-Restaurant Dauphine (Auditorium)

Which leadership lessons can be learned from what happened at Tata Steel over the past few years? In this ELP Leadership Dialogue we will look back and learn with Peter Blauwhoff, former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Tata Steel Netherlands and Non-Executive Director at Tata Steel Ltd. Amongst others we will discuss relations between holding and subsidiary, governance, management changes, climate change and relations with government and community. Peter Blauwhoff will be interviewed by Twan van de Kerkhof (ELP), followed by Roundtable Dialogues, in which participants will share their personal insights and experiences.

  • Peter Blauwhoff

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