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Leadership Dialogue

Playing First Fiddle

Type: Leadership Dialogue
Speaker(s): Olivia Scheepers, Fiona Robertson, Henrietta Hill, Pau Marquès i Oleo
Date / Time: 28 November 2023 17:00 : 21:00
Venue: Het Sieraad

Team excellence, trust and a lack of hierarchy are some of the characteristics of a string quartet. In this ELP Leadership Dialogue we will use the example of the Belinfante Quartet to explore how excellent teams work, how they learn, give feedback, grow and collaborate. The Belinfante Quartet will play live, followed by a plenary dialogue with the participants, in which we will connect the quartet's experiences to working in teams in corporates. At the subsequent moderated Roundtables we will dive deeper into the topic of team excellence. See belinfantequartet.com for more information about the quartet. This ELP Leadership Dialogue is organized in collaboration with String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam, which will take place again in Jan/Feb 2024.

  • Olivia Scheepers
  • Fiona Robertson
  • Henrietta Hill
  • Pau Marquès i Oleo

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