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Leadership Meetup

Creating Psychological Safety

Type: Leadership Meetup
Speaker(s): Maaike Ligthart, Simone Heidema
Date / Time: 01 November 2022 08:15 till 09:30
Venue: Online

Unacceptable behavior, mainly from men against women, has been front page news over the last couple of years. This kind of behavior usually occurs in organizations with low psychological safety, Simone Heidema and Maaike Ligthart say. In this ELP Leadership Meetup they will argue that leaders are responsible for creating psychological safety as the best prevention against unacceptable behavior. Transgressions should be reported and punished but it is way better to prevent them from happening. Simone and Maaike will define the steps that are necessary to build such a culture. Simone Heidema is CEO of CPI and Co-Founder of De Buitenboordmotor, Maaike Ligthart is Associate Partner of CPI.

  • Maaike Ligthart
  • Simone Heidema

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