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Leadership Dialogue

Translating Intentions Into Actions

Type: Leadership Dialogue
Speaker(s): Frans-Willem de Kloet, Brad Vanstone, Roel van Poppel
Date / Time: 07 November 2024 17:00 : 21:00
Venue: De Veranda Amsterdam

Many leaders have good intentions to contribute to a better world, but find it difficult to translate them into actions. In this ELP Leadership Dialogue we will look at three examples of executives who have found practical ways to make sustainability an integral part of their business model. They are:

* Frans Willem de Kloet, CEO of Ecochain, a supplier of software to measure the environmental footprint of products;

* Roel van Poppel, Chief Sustainability Officer of Ofi, a leading supplier of food and beverage ingredients;

* Brad Vanstone, Co-Founder and Head of Impact at Willicroft, Europe’s 1st and only plant-based cheese B Corp.

We first will take a look at each company seperately and then interview them in a panel. After this introduction participants will engage into moderated Roundtable Dialogues. Join us to develop actionable ideas to make the world better.

  • Frans-Willem de Kloet
  • Brad Vanstone
  • Roel van Poppel

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