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ELP equips leaders to solve complex problems

Speeding Up by Slowing Down
Leaders are constantly on, with barely time to breathe. The risk is that they keep going at full speed without pause. The solution is to slow down occasionally and explore the demands of their context. ELP provides the breathing space to reflect with peers on essential leadership challenges. It may be counterintuitive but in fact it is powerful to take time to pause and reflect because this will lead to greater impact and speed in the long run. Research has demonstrated that leaders who remain triggered tend to underperform and leaders who are centered are more likely to achieve high performance. After slowing down at an ELP Leadership Dialogue, leaders are ready to speed up again with deeper insights and new perspectives.
ELP is:
  • An independent network of senior leaders (founded in 2003)
  • In which leaders engage into moderated dialogues with peers
  • To discuss professional dilemmas from their personal context
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Leaders from 65 different organizations together comprise the ELP community, including from: