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Online Leadership Dialogue

Reconstructing the Economy For the 21st Century

Type: Online Leadership Dialogue
Speaker(s): Werner Schouten
Date / Time: 01 November 2023 17:00 : 18:30
Venue: Online

Many business leaders acknowledge the need to reconstruct the economy in a way that can bring prosperity to all, now and in the future, by simultaneously generating material wealth and health while conserving nature. Werner Schouten, Director of The Impact Economy Foundation, believes that the solution lies in realizing an impact economy, a market economy revolving around the common good. It is an economy in which work, innovation and entrepreneurship contribute to well-being and organizations integrate their societal impact in the core of their decision-making. In this online ELP Leadership Dialogue he will explain the concept of an impact economy and the practices that enable organizations to make the transition. After his plenary introduction participants will engage into moderated breakouts to discuss their own roadmap in this transition.

  • Werner Schouten

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