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Online Leadership Dialogue

Trump Explained

Type: Online Leadership Dialogue
Speaker(s): Henk Breukink
Date / Time: 01 October 2024 17:00 : 18:30
Venue: Online

Europeans need to understand the US and therefore it is important to understand Donald Trump and his attraction for American voters. In the analysis of executive coach Henk Breukink, Donald Trump is driven by his primary motive to control himself, others and circumstances. In a forthcoming book about primary social motives Breukink writes that people like Donald Trump do everything to avoid being controlled by others. The good thing is that they stand up and take the lead in times of crises. In this online ELP Leadership Dialogue Henk Breukink will be interviewed about understanding the behavior of presidential candidate Donald Trump. We will also discuss how to deal with leaders with such a profile. For more information about primary social motives, go to www.developmentdialogue.com. After Henk's introduction participants will engage into moderated breakouts.

  • Henk Breukink

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