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Holiday Reading List

July 1, 2019 by

Are you packing your suitcase for the Summer holidays? Don’t forget to take some good books. Our tips:

  1. Edmund O. Wilson. The Meaning of Human Existence (2014). One of the best books ever. Being human is about finding the balance in the eternal internal conflict between selfishness and altruism, Wilson writes. Wilson is one of the world’s preeminent biologists, a professor emeritus at Harvard University, and a winner of two Pulitzer Prizes. See https://www.europeanleadershipplatform.com/news-item/the-meaning-of-human-existence-part-1/ for a review.
  2. Hans Rosling. Factfulness (2018). A book about the many biases in our thinking and how to counter them. Be passionate about the world and cool-headed about the facts. See https://www.europeanleadershipplatform.com/news-item/get-it-right/ for a review.
  3. Nick Bostrom. Superintelligence (2014). This book will help you to understand the risks of building intelligent machines. Not an easy read but really worthwhile. See https://www.europeanleadershipplatform.com/news-item/humanity-at-risk/ for a review.
  4. Timothy Snyder. On Tyranny (2017). Twenty lessons from the tyrannical regimes of the 20th century with many examples of small every acts of personal leadership. A small book on big questions. See https://www.europeanleadershipplatform.com/news-item/stand-up-and-stand-out/ for a review.

We wish you a splendid Summer.